study + practice groups

We come together to engage with something, usually a text. We talk about it during whole-group synchronous meetings; maybe with buddies; maybe via a group chat. And part of what we are talking about is how what are are studying is changing how we are in the world…what possibilities we can imagine, the ones we are pointing ourselves towards, and what we are concretely doing about it.

Mmmm that’s a book club?

Yeah, I get that. When we read books and consume information, especially about or from people who are more marginalized than we are, without an explicit commitment to putting what we learn into service of changing the current systems exploiting, extracting, stratifying our lives and our world…well, that’s gross. So in these groups, we make an explicit commitment to practice. And report back to each other, including and especially when we fuck up, which we will.

What Meetings are Like

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